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MNBeer 2.0

Obviously., it’s here. Surely, there are bugs. The clock is off, and I’m too lazy to wind the thing.. I’m also trying to redirect requests for the atom and rss feeds. Let me know what else I’ve broken.

Update: The feeds and clock seem to be working and redirecting as they should. I still haven’t bothered to look at the site on anything but Firefox and Safari on the Macs at my house, so hopefully there aren’t any Windows-only bugs affecting the site.

I’ll be at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery tonight if the stars are aligned correctly. My friend is having a birthday event and I’m craving Number 9, Anniversary Ale and cask beer. If you want to buy me a beer, you now know what to order.
Did someone say beer? Yeah? Lest we forget, Barley John’s has two new season, a brown ale and a Belgian Grand Reserve. Mmm.


  1. Nator says:

    Yes!! Comments!!

    Seriously, a big congratulations to the MNBeer team on the upgrade – I haven’t poked around everywhere yet, but I’m looking forward to many happy wasted hours…

  2. ryan says:

    Thanks. Greatly appreciated Nate.

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