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MNBeer 2007… Happy New Year

Okay, so it’s not 2007 in Minnesota yet, but I think we can forgo the buzzed 1am posting and the “I love you guys…” baloney (though it’s true). Thank you all for continuing to visit the site (as well as our advertisers’ sites) and for all of your support, kind words and beer. I see 2007 as another good year for beer in Minnesota and I believe if you continue to rabidly support new and established beer-related endeavors in the same way that you’ve supported our friends at Surly Brewing in 2007, only good things can happen.

In the next couple of days, we’ll publish our Beer in Review 2006 with a look back at beer in Minnesota in the year two-thousand and six. We also plan to publish some beer predictions for 2007, that may or may not be close to the truth. Only time will tell.

NYE is here… what are your plans for the evening? Hopefully they’re safe, merry and of course filled with craft beer!


~The Jerks at

P.S. Who got MNBeer shirts for gifts this year? I noticed a few orders in early December and figured that somebody is going to get a fun gift. I’ve never bought a shirt through CafePress, so I’m curious about the quality of the imprint. Cheers!


  1. Aaron Landry says:


    Thanks for keeping MNBeer goin… it’s been in my RSS reader for awhile but I usually don’t comment. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you’re doing and keep it up in 2007.


  2. beachscrat says:

    Thanks Ryan and Happy New Year!

    Oh yeah and I’ll be at the BLB (hopefully bowling) tonight. I’ll buy you a MN Beer if I see ya out!

    Be safe everyone! It’s looking nasty out there!


  3. ryan says:


    Ugh. Be extra safe tonight. I came close to playing bumper cars in the Target parking lot tonight.

  4. HawkEye says:

    I guess this is an added bonus to being homebound with
    the wife and boy. No having to go out anywhere!

  5. ryan says:

    Yes. I decided to stay home with Dawn, the dog and a few friends. 1 Surly, 2 Unibroues and some Pale Ale later I’m a happy camper…

  6. TruthBrew says:

    Ditto on home… no sitter with bad weather, but it’s been fun. Enjoyed a Zinnebir Blond Ale along with an ’02 Old Foghorn.

    Happy 2007.

  7. Moe says:

    Happy New Year Ryan. I love reading and hope for a wonderful 2007!

  8. beachscrat says:

    Yes indeed…


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