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More Cynicism… in can form…

Surly got a nice note in the June issue of Gourmet magazine;
“But the biggest surprise came in the biggest can: The 16-ounce Surly Bender was dark and malty, but with a nice balancing hoppiness. It’s exactly what you would not expect to find in a can in you didn’t know how excellent the vessel is.”

Since Gourmet thinks cans are so great, we decided to can another beer. CynicAle will soon be appearing in cans at your favorite Surly liquor store. CynicAle is being served right now, at Papas Pizza in north Minneapolis.

The CynicAle launch in bars will happen next Tuesday at Grumpy’s – NE Minneapolis. Rumor is that some cask Bitter Brewer might be there too!


  1. S. Fantome says:

    I’m sorry, the Cynic ale last year was not a very good saison at all. I was barely able to choke down the pint I ordered at the Gnome. It was harshly bitter and unpleasant. I’ll take Hennepin or DuPont any day.

  2. al says:

    boy, maybe there’s something up with the lines at the Gnome, but I drank CynicAle all summer long and I got nothing but pleasant.

    Actually, a couple of my customers had some at the Nile, then went to the Gnome and were perplexed, wondered if they got served Furious instead….it didn’t taste at all like the Cynic they had at my place. Staff swore they served them Cynic.
    They returned to me and tasted Cynic anew. It tasted like what they had before at the Nile, but not what they were served at Gnome.

    Not knocking Gnome, just passing on anecdotal information…might want to give Cynic another try.

  3. Eric says:

    I know the lines at the previous Gnome establishment–Chang Ohara’s–always had trouble. Seems like it could be remedied by a simple weekly rinse in One Step…

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