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Jennifer’s Body?

Has anyone seen the new Diablo Cody flick, Jennifer’s Body yet? I’m curious, because the assistant property master called me back in February of 2008, looking for help to create a small town bar in Minnesota. I suggested that keep it “Minnesota” with some of our locals, and if I recall correctly, the folks at Schell’s sent them a nice box of swag. Long story short… if you saw the flick, did you see and Minnesota beer swag?


  1. Chase says:

    I saw the first half of the premiere and saw the bar scene. Didn’t notice any MN swag but wasn’t really looking. Easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever (half) seen.

  2. BlackenMn says:

    Well within the first 30minutes of the movie they visit a bar. It opens with a guy handing a big Schell’s case over the bar, the logo is VERY readable. Also the one beer bottle close up was a Schell’s. They definitely went to town with the received swag!

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