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More press, support about Surly

More press on the Surly expansion project and the accompanying legislation in business ‘zine Finance and Commerce. Follow this link!

Bill at Princeton’s Liquor also posted an eloquent letter in support of Surly’s plans on from his perspective as a family run liquor store.


  1. Ben says:

    Rep. Steve Simon emailed me saying:

    Thanks a lot for your message. I really appreciate your input. I’m a big fan of Surly beer. Although I’ve not yet analyzed the new legislation, I want to make sure that Surly can expand and thrive. The Surly project is a real opportunity for job growth and tourism. As always, please contact me any time about any issue, idea, or concern.


  2. Ben says:

    Got another response. Not as positive this time.


    I understand that a proposal may be coming before the legislature this session that would allow the Surly Brewery to expand their retail operations. Minnesota currently regulates the supply and distribution of liquor products under a 3-tiered system. Under this system, the state separately licenses manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. Surly may seek an exception to this system that will allow them to operate both as the manufacturer and the retailer (which was known as a “tied house” in the pre-Prohibition era). Currently there has not been any legislation proposed that would authorize this change.

    Until actual legislation is presented, I am unable to comment on the merits of the proposal. Many view our current 3-tiered system as a success in providing an efficient model of regulating liquor and in allowing manufacturers access in much wider distribution networks. As details emerge of this proposal, I look forward to having a full discussion on the benefits and potential drawbacks of changing our liquor laws. Please know that I will certainly keep your thoughts in mind if legislation is introduced.

    Kurt Daudt
    State Representative – District 17A
    Assistant Majority Leader

  3. ryan says:

    Did you send him the bill? I’ve seen a few comments from representatives making comments that seem to reflect that they haven’t actually read the bill.

    Those in opposition to the bill are working hard… hopefully we can be as tenacious with good information…

  4. Ben says:

    Ryan: The email I sent was titled “Please vote yes for HF 703” and the first line said, “I’m writing today to voice my support for HF 703, a bill that would allow breweries in Minnesota to sell pints of their beer at their breweries.”

  5. ryan says:

    You’d think that’d be enough information to help, wouldn’t it? Judging by his second paragraph, I’m guessing that he hasn’t read the bill yet.

    “Until actual legislation is presented, I am unable to comment on the merits of the proposal.”

  6. eric says:

    Funny since Daudt is a co-author on the bill.

  7. Ben says:

    Eric: Now that is interesting.

  8. Eric says:

    oh dear, it’s true!

    you think you’d only see something like that in The Onion…. could just be a bad assistant though.

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