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Hump Day Options

It’s hump day and if you need something to look forward to this evening, to make the hours in between now and then a little easier, here are a few options.

Fulton will have a cask of Worthy Adversary at Old Chicago in Eden Prairie at 5:00.

On the other side of town, Great Waters is putting Tighty Whitey Wit, described as “a tart Belgian wit beer with tastes of chamomile, corriander and orange peel” on tap.

Or if you’re looking for a to go option, Vine Park has growlers of Black IPA, Munich Helles and Irish Stout.


  1. Ben says:

    Town Hall has $2.50 taps of most beer from 5-6pm Wednesdays ($1.75 for Pint Club members).

    Williams in Uptown has any pint made in the US for $3 after 7pm. With 70 taps, they have plenty to choose from (not all 70 are US made but the majority are).

  2. Kris says:

    Plus Stub & Herb’s offers 1/2 off pitchers of MN beer 8-10 pm

    And Old Chicago in Eagan has $3 Surly Bender pints 9-12 pm

  3. Ben says:

    Old Chicago Uptown has $3 pints of Furious 9-12pm daily.

    $3 pints and $3 appetizers 4-6pm and 9pm to close at Amazing Thailand which include Furious.

  4. Trav says:

    All the OC’s have the Surly late night deal. I was at the OC in eagan a couple weeks ago and a 32oz Fury was 4.50 during happy hour. It applies to most everything, not just Surly. Happy hour goes from 3-7 and 9-12 too!

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