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(More) Surly news

“Stop with all the Surly news already,” you might be saying. But they keep sending it to us, so we’ll keep printing it. And they keep making good beer, so we keep drinking it. Maybe if we all stopped drinking their beer they’d stop making it, and therefore stop sending us news.

God, I hope not.

Hello Surly Nation,

I hope you got your tickets to Autumn Brew Review, ‘cause it’s sold out and we’re bringing out the big guns.
Here is our pouring schedule for the fest:

Limited QuantitiesVIP Oak Aged Cask Bender1:30
Bourbon One3:30
Barrel Aged Darkness4:30
Darkness – 2007 Available All Day(Hopefully)
Coffee Bender Bender Furious CynicSurlyFest Cask Tea- Bagged Furious

We were planning on pouring oak aged cask furious at 4:30, but Todd drank it all. So instead you will have to settle for a preview of this year’s Darkness.

What’s Dahmer you ask, good question.
I let Todd brew it and name it (remind me not to do that again.)
Anyway, the beer is a Smoked Baltic Porter. It will be released sometime in the next few months as a draft only beer. As our tradition continues at ABR, wear your Surly swag and we’ll give you a pint glass at the fest (while supplies last).

We are doing a couple beer tastings tomorrow evening – Thursday, September 27th
#1 – Princeton Liquors in Maple Grove will be hosting a tasting from 4:00-6:30. I will be standing around. Stop by and say hi and check out the 17% discount on all craft beers, including Surly.

Princeton Liquors is located on Bass Lake Road just off of 494. These guys have been big fans of Surly and pushing our beer hard in the NW suburbs.
Stop by and say hi and grab some beer.

Princeton’s Liquors12790 Bass Lake Road

#2 – The second tasting will be taking place at The Liquor Barrel in Golden Valley.
The event starts at 6:30 in Brookview Park in Golden Valley, right across the highway from The Liquor Barrel.
It is an Oktoberfest party of sorts, brats will be grilling and Oktoberfest beers will be poured for sampling.

The cost is $5 to get in and you get a couple beer coupons for Oktoberfest beers. Call 763.544.9881 so they know how many brats to get.
Being that the event is happening at a park, I hope the whole Ansari clan will be there. Proceeds to go to a local charity.

The location is on Hwy 55, just east of 169. Lets see, what other news do we have…

Next tour – November 3rd

New Surly Bars –
Zorbaz in Detroit LakesDock Café in Stillwater

More coming soon!

Darkness will be released right around Halloween.
We will have tapping news listed soon!

Surlyfest has left the building!
Almost all the Surlyfest we brewed has been delivered.
You guys are drinking it like its gonna go outta style, or at least out of stock. I promise we will make more next year.

See you drinking,