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Surly makes Metro 100…

The latest issue of Metro magazine gives a nod to two good friends of MNBeer. In addition to placing our friends from Aesthetic Apparatus on the cover, Surly Brewing gets some press as well.

Metro Magazine places Surly Brewing company at #77 in their “Metro 100 – An Essential Guide to Everything.” That’s cool, we always appreciate the pub. However, I got an issue with some of the bit. I did say that “People here were clamoring for a better beer.” However, the way the article flows, it looks like I’m saying Summit Brewing does not make those better beers, and that is simply not the case.

Also, my office is not windowless! I have a 4″x8″ window overlooking the tasting room! And if somebody is gonna say I got Guinness-colored eyes, how about using a domestic beer as a reference, like Bender-colored.