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MPLS Release at Town Hall

Town Hall has a new release coming up next week as well as a peak at a couple beers to look forward to in the near future.

Hey All,

Seems like you are a fan of the seasonal lagers….that’s cool because the brewstaff is having a great time making (drinking) them! So you had the Classic American Pilsner, then Saaz Pils (Ya, I really miss that one too) and now M.P.L.S. is on the way. This coming Monday 8/6 Tuesday at 5pm we will release our Minnesota Pale Lager Style! MPLS is a crisp thirst quenching beer that will be a perfect relief for this CRAZY hot weather. This beer is so clean, some of you may question whether it is really a lager….well I assure you it is. We fermented this beer with American lager yeast and hopped it pretty well with Nelson hops from New Zealand……61.2 IBUs to be exact.

You are just about to burn out the Flight of the Falcon (nice work!), this is your next single hopped beer from THB. Come down and drink some MPLS on Monday, pints of this fine Minnesota Lager just $2.50 release day (5-6pm)

Thanks for drinking our lagers! You keep drinking them and we will keep brewing them……..Hopfen Ublich (Double Pilsner) and Oktoberfest are coming.

P.S.- This week we released Crimson Oat (Oatmeal Amber) and our Belgian style Wit beer if you are craving those.


Please note: Both Town Hall Brewery and Town Hall Tap are CLOSED Monday, August 6 for an employee outing.


  1. Ben says:

    Got to try the MPLS at All Pints North. Very nice stuff.

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