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Mpls St. Paul’s 40 Hot Spots…

The February issue of Mpls. St. Paul picks The Happy Gnome as one of its 40 hot spots in the Twin Cities. Fess up, which one of you looks like James Cromwell?

A man – the spitting image of James Cromwell – is sitting at the bar, and he’s spitting mad. “You’re out of it already?” he asks in disbelief, pointing to a sign advertising Brooklyn Center-brewed Surly Darkness…

Also, The Groveland Tap and The Happy Gnome get the nod in an short piece, “Where to Eat and Watch the Super Bowl.”


  1. On a recent visit to The Happy Gnome, no less than four of the beers our party attempted to order were gone. It can be frustrating but I look at it as a sign that the beer on tap is probably fresh and does not sit around long.

  2. Ben says:

    Most is fresh, other then the gravity poured cask that had been sitting around since the day before when it was tapped and they were still pouring even though it tasted horrid.

  3. Drew says:

    They _could_ drop the pin again and minimize the oxidation and decarbonation. Kind of silly for them not to, but then, they don’t seem to think a beer engine is a worthwhile purchase.

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