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Wednesday’s Surly Two tapping changed

Despite a few all-nighters working at the Acadia Cafe, Jeff and Ted were not able to get all the work done for the inspection today. That means we need to move the two tapping down the road. To the Blue Nile! See you tomorrow night around 6:00.FYI, two is our second anniversary ale. Todd brewed this dark ale with 40 pounds of cranberries per barrel. The Acadia event will be rescheduled and they will be tapping their 1/4 barrel of Darkness 2006 at that point.See you drinking,Omar


  1. al says:

    Just one comment:
    cask Furious!

  2. shane says:

    oh what the?? so AL, what you are saying is you got 2 for 1’s on furious and bender, surly two, hopslam, and cask furious?? how the hell are we supposed to get home man?

  3. I won’t be there until 6:30 so I hope you all leave some for me.

  4. al says:

    the 2 1/2 barrels of Two are almost entirely depleted. Might last til tomorrow, might not, so …there’s your heads up. More kegs won’t arrive for some time.

  5. shane says:

    good thing i got mine last night then:)

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