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New Brewpub in St. Cloud! McCann’s Food & Brew

Good news from St. Cloud – McCann’s Food and Brew will be occupying and remodeling the recently-closed O’Hara’s space. Chris Laumb, O’Hara’s brewer, will once again be brewing at 33rd & 3rd in St. Cloud. We’re happy to hear that Chris is once again gainfully employed in the Minnesota brewing scene. He’ll be brewing all new beers at McCann’s, so if you’ve got a suggestion or an old favorite, feel free to post it here. If things stay on track, look for a fall opening. Congrats to McCann’s and to Chris! Brew on!


  1. fantome says:

    Great news. I enjoyed O’Hara’s and am looking forward to the new place.

  2. Neighbor says:

    We are so happy another brew pub is taking over O’Hara’s. Welcome to the neighborhood! Love the Honey Wheat brew, hope it is a keeper. Wondering if McCann’s will carry on the neighborhood Irish tradition we have all loved & enjoyed over the years. Hope you also have pool tables available.

  3. tom says:

    Honey wheat beer was the best beer ive drank so far, I miss it dearly.

  4. AlexinStC says:

    It’s open finally. I was there a few weeks ago and the homebrews weren’t ready yet, but it was nice to see the place cleaned up and it should be good once they work out everything (service related.)

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