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New Holland Beer Dinner at Amsterdam

Amsterdamn Bar and Hall will be featuring New Holland Brewing Company for their upcoming beer dinner! Here’s how everything will play out that evening…

6:30pm: Reception with Golden Cap Saison
7:00p Dinner
 Course #1 : Four Witches Black Saison, Copper River Salmon Tartar w/ spring peas and sweet onion
Course #2 : Black Tulip Tripel Ale, Melted Taleggio and Wild Mushrooms
Course #3 : Mad Hatter IPA, Smoked Beef Ribs (smoked with the wood from Dragon’s Milk Barrels) w/ Balsamic glaze
Course #4 : Dragon’s Milk Stout, Chocolate Soufflé w/ Cardamom and Créme Anglaise
Tickets are $60 and can be purchased on their website or Here.
Please note that all items are subject to change.

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