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As you probably know from your last trip to your favorite liquor store, Coffee Bender is now available in cans. Next up is Bitter Brewer with a draft release scheduled for April 1st and cans should be available April 6th.

In order to keep up with your thirst, some new 60 bbl fermentors arrived a while back and the christening batch was 16 Grit. Keep your eyes out for information on when this will be ready for consumption.

There are also additional brite tanks on the way that will allow Darkness to make its way to you later this year.

Upcoming events:
TONIGHT – Friday, February 27th – Oak-aged firkin – Mackenzie Pub
Monday, March 2nd – Park Tavern kick-off
Wednesday, March 18th – Stub & Herb beer event
Sunday, April 9th – firkin event – 3 Square, Maple Grove


  1. Ben says:

    Stopped into MacKenzie’s last night for oak-aged Bender. Tasty stuff.

  2. Scott J says:

    Any idea if 16 Grit will be draft only? I’ll settle for that, but wish they would put it in their 16 ounce cans. The growler I was able to get in December was unreal and not just because I can’t get it anymore. Surly, if you are reading this, please make 16 Grit a part of your regular rotation for on and off sale!

  3. Ben says:

    Highly doubt we’ll see 16 Grit cans this time around.

  4. ryan says:

    I’d put money on cans of Bitter Brewer before 16 Grit, though I’d gladly drink.

  5. Erwin says:

    Just curious… Is the Firkin Event at Three Square in MG April 9th (as in the Surly email) or April 19th (as listed on this post)?

    Thirsty minds want to know.

  6. Ben says:

    Says April 9th on the website too.

  7. Erwin says:

    Looks like they changed the post. Cool!

  8. Chip W. says:


    There’s still THREE at Acadia for whatever that’s worth to y’all. Love that stuff!

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