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No Beer For You!

At least not at Town Hall later this week…


Just wanted to let you know that this coming Sunday (July 31) and Monday (Aug 1) we will be closed. We are all headed to “the cabin” for our annual staff outing. Hopefully, we all return for business as usual on Tuesday morning (sometimes things get a little crazy at the cabin)

Those two days only ….No Beer For You….

Also, the August tour will be on the 7th (first Sat. of month) 1pm. Couple spots still open, call and reserve your space today.



  1. Matt says:

    There is no beer for you any night of the week if you show up after 11 pm. Damn place closes early even when there are lots of people there. Supposed to be open until at least 1 am but good luck getting served after 11:00!

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