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Northern Brewer Homebrew Class

I ran into this on the Northern Brewer forum and thought it might be fun for some of you thinking about getting into homebrewing:

The masses have clamored, and we’ve answered the call. Northern Brewer has partnered with St. Paul’s Cooks of Crocus Hill to offer a full demonstration of brewing basics. We’ll discuss the differences between roasted, toasted and caramel grains as they pertain to the brewer. We’ll make a yeast starter. We’ll address using Continental or American yeast strains, and what to expect when brewing with them. Ever wonder how to identify a ‘Noble’ hop? We’ll talk about the differences between high alpha acid hops – grown for bittering properties – and varieties chosen for their flavors and aromas. And we’ll touch on the pros and cons of various brewing equipment. All the while we’ll be tasting commercial examples of beers that you could emulate right away.

Included in the price, each participant will get a portion of the batch (which can be picked-up at Northern Brewer a couple of weeks after the class). This is a great oppurtunity to get some hands on experience, answers to any questions, or to just come hang out and talk beer with us. …one class at the Edina location on July 16 at 6pm. Sign-ups have begun and spaces are limited, so reserve your seats today at: You can also call our retail store and sign up with us directly. We can be reached at: 651.789.0189