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Pedalpub Update

Exciting news! The PedalPub is on it’s way to America! It was loaded
into a shipping container last Thursday and will be floating across the
Atlantic in a few days. We expect it to arrive on March 27th.. If you
wish to see some photos of the PedalPub being loaded up for shipping and
leaving the factory, check out the new GALLERY section of the PedalPub
website – If you belong to any email lists for
groups that might be interested – help us spread the word! Forward a
photo from the gallery, or our email address to them.


At the end of March we are going to be conducting some trial runs on our
set routes (Calhoun, Nicollet Mall, Stone Arch Bridge, and Nordeast) –
if you are interested in helping us out, drop us an email. NOTE: There
are hills on some of the routes that we’re not sure if the PedalPub is
capable of climbing, so you must be fit and willing to help push if


We are now taking reservations for April, the big question is: Who’s
going to be the historic FIRST group to ride the PedalPub in America? If
you are interested in renting it for your group, you can click on the
“BOOK A TOUR” button at our website, or email us at INFO@PEDALPUB.COM .


The PedalPub will be perfect as a float in local parades and festivals –
we need your help! When is the local parade in your community or
neighborhood? What is it called? Do you know a business that would be
perfect for using the PedalPub as their float? Most parades require
permits filed months in advance, so we’re working on this NOW for this
summer and fall. Let us know! We’d love to be in your communities parade
or festival!


We’re going to be hosting a Grand Opening for PedalPub in America, with
free rides and all sorts of surprises! Look for our next email if you’d
like to attend!

We have started this “Friends of the PedalPub” to keep you informed of
our progress-and in an attempt to continue to tap your amazing
creativity and talent. We will probably send out an email about once
every three to four weeks or so. If you want to be REMOVED from the
list, just drop us a note and we’ll take you off. If you know anyone
else who would like to get on our list, have them send an email to:


Al Boyce & Eric Olson, Managing Partners
PedalPub, LLC