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No need to fret about the PedalPub in Minneapolis

I ran into an alarmed blog post or two (via regarding the PedalPub and it’s fate in Minneapolis. I dropped Al a line to check on this and you’ll be glad to know that the hearing was actually just a meeting to discuss regulating the PedalPub. Al says there are no changes in store for now, and probably nothing until next year. He also mentioned that creating regulations will be a collaboration between the city and the PedalPub that he expects “will go smoothly and professionally.”Fear not pedalers!


  1. Bill Lindeke says:

    I am relieved! I saw the PedalPub go by just the other day down Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. It was great, and traffic didn’t know what to do. People were really having fun in the Minnesota sunshine. (and drinking good beer, no doubt)

    Sorry for being melodramatic. 🙂

  2. Reetsyburger says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the update!

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