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Pint Glasses or T-Shirts?

I’ve been selling a little advertising on and have decided that it’s time to get my hands on some swag. So… (if you care, of course) what would you prefer? T-Shirts, pint glasses, something else?


  1. Scott says:

    I love my t-shirt but I have to admit 9 out 10 people ask why I am Mr. Beer. 🙂

    I think pint glasses would go farther to be able to give/sell but t-shirts, if you added a url on there somewhere, would bring in more people to the site.

  2. Moe says:

    How about MNBeer labeled growlers or bottles for homebrewing?

  3. Joe Lencioni says:

    This is a long shot but I would love to have an MNBeer bottle opener (that also has a built-in screwdriver) on my keychain.

  4. Dan says:

    Pint glasses would be cool… but then I already have a cool MNBeer shirt.

  5. eek! says:

    Pint glasses would be sweet but perferably not tumblers.

  6. Cathie says:

    Would love to see some beer bottle openers!

  7. ryan says:

    Scott – I’ve had that once or twice with the Schmidt-looking logo. Not so much with the regular logo.

    Bottle openers are a consideration too.

  8. beachscrat says:

    T-shirts, Keychain bottle openers, and Imperial Pints with the schmidty logo.

  9. Ben says:

    Pint glasses are a dime a dozen. Like many people I’ve amassed such a big collection that I’ve stopped buying new ones and thrown out others. It’s not like people are going to bring the pint glass to the bar (unless you decide to give them to bars to use) so others aren’t going to see them (other then maybe a couple friends that likely already know about the site).

  10. David Berg says:

    Cycling jerseys…

  11. brook says:

    tshirts would be great. but, and i’m going to sound like a snob here, I will only buy them if they are printed on American Apparel shirts. they fit much better and they aren’t super heavy cotten like hanes/etc.

    those new Summit tshirts are American Apparel and they are just swell.

  12. ryan says:

    Dave – don’t hold your breathe. I’d get socks before I’d get jerseys, and that isn’t happening either. 🙂

    Brook – we’ll see. I have a sweet spot for Gildan t-shirts, but that’s just me…

  13. jellojohn says:

    pint glasses

  14. Mag says:

    As much as I like pint glasses and bottle openers, I think you get more mileage out of apparel (shirts, hats, etc.) versus glasses, bottle openers, etc. Maybe you should go down the Rogue route and make MNBeer condoms? Mine would have to say Welcome to Minnesota Beer vs MNBeer, but I guess you could make two versions, one for me and one for everyone else.

  15. Dallas says:

    T-shirts are cool and they is walking advertisement. My thoughts are that you will get more exposure out of the shirts….

  16. eric says:

    A sweet looking baseball cap would be, well, sweet.

    Mag, you consistently find the line and manage to cross it with exhuberance. Love it!

  17. I already have too many shirts, caps, pint glasses, bottle openers, and other paraphernalia. So, I don’t know what I prefer. 🙁

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