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Pour Decisions Brewery (?)

Yup. That’s all I know. A link. A little attitude. Works for me.

Whatcha’ got great deciders? Let us know.

*I don’t want to ruin the joke if that’s what this is, but their website is set to launch on April 1st…


  1. Mark says:

    *Cough.* Beerfan. *Cough.*

  2. Beer Girl says:

    Looks like they filed with the State on 3/25/09 as an LLC

    Address listed [removed by editor]

  3. Beer Girl says:

    Same Address – Looks like the SPHBC is behind this one.

  4. Chad says:

    I haven’t even tried their beer, but I already love it! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE IT AND NOTHING YOU SAY WILL CHANGE MY MIND.

  5. Halftun says:

    their cask coffee RIS is phenomenal

  6. Mag says:

    Won’t Stone already fill the niche on MN beer shelves for the “arrogant” style???

  7. Chad says:

    Oh so close to the NB warehouse!

  8. WaterlooDark says:

    Mag: What part is arrogant? Having ability and proven success?

  9. WaterlooDark says:

    Beer: Nope, still Roseville!

  10. Mag says:

    Having ability and proven success do not make one arrogant. Saying/implying one has ability and proven success does. I didn’t make up the English language, I just use it. And if you’ve ever read any of Stone’s marketing, it’s a lot of this “you just wouldn’t get this beer” kind of stuff. I assume, but don’t know, that this is just tongue-in-cheek on Stone’s behalf. I kinda thought the tone of the “About Us” content was very similar to the tone in much of Stone’s marketing. Just connecting dots. No need to get ones undies in a bundle.

  11. BeerFan says:


    BeerFan has nothing to do with this.

    I do know the truth, but I have nothing to do with it.

    A case of Pliny or Blind Pig might get me to divulge….no….it would have to be rare Scotch to get me to talk.

    So who want to buy me the Highland Park 25 at Zipps?

  12. Chad says:

    Damn it, I was looking forward to FlettyBrau. =[

  13. Beer Girl says:

    @Beer I guess one can change thier address with a quick call to the State – Good thing I have the PDF with the orginal address of STP on it.

  14. BeerFan says:

    If Beerfan were to open a brewery Beerfan wouldn’t serve firkins of flat hazy beer.

    Oh…wait…cask beer should be murky as pond water and flat to boot…sorry.

  15. BeerFan says:

    Beer Girl-

    Stalking is creepy.

  16. Beer Girl says:

    Beer Fan – I know…. Only way I can find a date. Or at least I think they are dates

  17. BeerFan says:

    Nice one, Beer Girl!

    Why do all my dates end with hand cuffs in the back of a squad car? 😉

  18. DanK says:

    The use of lens flares in the logo already make me want to never drink this beer.

  19. DanK says:

    Or never drink anything else.

  20. NJG says:

    Who made the mistake of telling these people they were funny? If you’re wondering who I’m referring to, then you’re one of those people.

  21. BeerMess says:

    A joke 2 years in the making ? That seems very unlikely, launch date aside. I’m pretty sure this one is legit…

  22. El Guapo! says:


  23. ryan says:

    Sleuthing is fine. Stalking is probably questionable. Posting someone’s home address is a no-no. I’ve removed the original address and the link to the SPHBC application.

  24. Champs says:

    All I know is that I went back to Austin, TX last month and they came from almost NOWHERE three years ago to having better local selections at the bar than what you find in Minneapolis.

    … but we’re getting Brooklyn and Stone distributed here now. Yawn.

  25. Mork says:

    So when is ______ opening his brewery?

  26. BeerMess says:

    Brew House photo added to their site

  27. Duke says:

    The site is going live on April Fools Day?

  28. Greg Koch says:

    I just signed their fermentors, so it’s official people!

  29. Chip W. says:

    @ Champs… I know that’s right. I moved from Austin, TX three years ago… went back two months ago and could not believe it! You could survive on local beer there. Step it up, Twin Cities! Don’t let the homebrewers be bigger scene than the breweries. Though I’m really not all that opposed to that either!

  30. Jason says:

    One of the brewers has been chased by Luchadores, eh? Wonder who that may be….

  31. WaterlooDark says:

    @Jason: Maybe Jesse Ventura?

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