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Pumpkin Ale, Kolsch and Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale at Fitger’s

What?! Someone else’s beer at Fitger’s? Yes indeed. Read on:

Fitgers Brewhouse here with the latest.

Today we put a guest tap on. Something we do rarely. Our friends at Sierra Nevada in California squirreled away 2 kegs of Harvest Ale for us. Harvest Ale is a draft only beer made once a year by Sierra. Harvest is a “wet hop” beer. Wet hop beers use hops right out of the fields. No processing or drying or cureing. In order to get flavor and balance out of these hops about 20 times more must be used. this makes an expensive and labor intensive work of art. We will pour out two kegs of this elixir starting Tuesday Oct 24th. Don’t miss a very rare style of pale ale. The only other example in Minnesota comes out of Town Hall in Minneapolis if you where lucky enough to try Mikes then compare the two.

We are also releasing two more beers this week

Thursday Oct 26 will make the 2006 release of Devil’s Track Pumpkin Ale. We have limited grolwers of this nitro pumpkin ale (around 100) first come first served. The ale uses about 120 lbs of pumpkin infused with a malty red ale.

Friday Oct 27 we will release
Kamloops Kolsch
A German style ale fermented cool and slow to give a lager/fruit type ester. A great alternative to Golden ale.

As always thank you for your continued support.

The Brewhouse Gang