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Barley Johns’ Oktoberfest is gone, and supposedly a winter ale (?) is in the works.

The Brauhaus is no longer officially a brewpub, at least in the truest sense (if there is such a thing) as they’ve moved their beer-making operations away from The Brauhaus and into a new facility. The Brauhaus is still open, but nowBrau Brothers Brewing, brews, bottles and kegs their beer off-site and supplies The Brauhaus with beer.

I’ve been told that Mr. Smooth Mild as returned to Great Waters as well as Surly’s Furious and Finnegan’s Irish Amber.

Green Mill Brewing Co. in St. Paul now has a Pumpkin Ale on tap.

The Herkimer has their award-winning Unfiltered Pilsener and a kolsch on tap.

Town Hall will have their India Brown Ale on tap at 6:00pm tonight and a Belgian IPA on tap on Saturday as part of their ninth anniverary.

O’Gara’s now has an Oktoberfest and Raspberry Lambic on tap.

O’Hara’s in St. Cloud now has their tasty Dubbel Trouble on tap. A trip to St. Cloud is in my future!

Rock Bottom has added a Coconut Stout as a seasonal beer. I’m quite curious about this one. I’m not much of a coconut fan, but I suspect it might go well with a stout.

And lastly, this probably isn’t new news, but Wellington’s Backwater Brewing Co. is no longer offering growlers, reportedly because of a rather hefty local tax on growlers.

Needless to say, MNBeer makes no claims as to whether or not this information is absolutely correct, but we try to get it right. Cheers!


  1. David Berg says:

    OK, since I’m sure Dusty is too busy making beer to reply…we passed a law this year that allows you to self-distribute to businesses you have an interest in. Thus, Brau Brothers is making the beer and self-distributing to the Brauhaus (this would be in kegs). In addition, they have a bottling line so they are selling bottles at other locations. Probably selling kegs too. Ok, it is confusing, but this is Minnesota after all. But it makes perfect sense in my mind (not that this is a good thing).


  2. ryan says:

    That makes sense. I wasn’t aware of the self-distribution thing.

  3. fantome says:

    Rock Bottom Coconut Stout: I do not like coconut. I love Bryon’s beer at Rock Bottom, but I admit that I had low expectations for this particular beer. I expected oily suntan lotion in a light stout.

    Boy was I wrong.

    It is a smooth and creamy chocolatey stout – served both on nitro and on cask. I smell no coconut, I taste no coconut, but I am enamoured with the velvety feel of this beer. Maybe coconut enhances other flavors. It is fuller and more robust than I imagined.


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