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Republic to Expand to 57 Taps in May

Fun news from the Twitterverse… Republic announced today that they will be expanding their expanding their tap beer selection by 25 lines in early May, for a grand total of 57 lines, one of which will include a beer engine for cask-conditioned beers. Congrats to Republic!

Republic is very pleased to announce that 25 additional tap lines are planned for installation in early May, bringing the grand total of their all craft draft beer offerings to 57.

The expansion will fill gaps (if any could be counted) on their beer list and represent more local and emerging American craft beer companies. A few more offerings from Germany and Belgium are also part of the plan.

Co-owner and beer buyer, Matty O’Reilly, will keep around 50 lines aggressively rotating
with the seasons and new releases, with a number of year-round static lines maintaining
their spots (e.g. Surly ‘Furious’, Fulton ‘Sweet Child of Vine IPA, Left Hand ‘Nitro Milk Stout’). Five lines will be dedicated to a weekly rotation of “one-off” kegs, limited releases and special features. One line will remain for Beer of the Day, which is a daily rotating $3 all-day, everyday, craft beer. One line (utilizing a beer engine) will be dedicated for cask conditioned ales.


  1. Scott McGerik says:

    Well Hell! With delicious food, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere, and expanded tap beer selection, it’s gonna be hard to avoid Republic!

  2. Ben says:

    Wonder if they’ll be picking up some JJ Taylor stuff then other than Summit or still sticking to mostly Hohensteins and Capital still.

  3. Jon from Summit says:


    Republic does carry some JJ Taylor products. They recently had a keg of Summit Unchained #9. Also, just because they are going to focus on more local drafts, does not mean you should assume they will carry Summit products. I’ve spoken to a few of their employees and they do not feel that Summit would sell in their bar. Hopefully, one of Summit’s 2 new brews will be a better fit for the guys at Republic. It’s a cool place and the Summit gang would like to hang out there more often.

    There are a few other places that feel the same way about Summit as Republic. Hopefully, we (at Summit) will give them a reason to feel differently with our new/future offerings. Summit has some exciting plans for the next few years.

  4. Mag says:

    That’s interesting about Republic and/or other places thinking Summit won’t sell. I know Summit can be a bit ubiquitous in its home town and maybe that’s why this perception exists (e.g. it’s not unique or harder to find in this market, so consumers will not drink it when other, more limited options are available). I’m not taking issue w/ Summit or Republic or consumers here. Just stating that the observation is interesting. Or maybe…just maybe, Summit drinkers don’t like drinking w/ Scott and Ben 😉

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