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Rock Bottom Bottle Conditioned Beer

Ripped from their newsletter (thanks Nick):

We are now selling Bottle Conditioned Beer in 750ML corked bottles!  The “Signature Series” of bottle conditioned beer is up and running with, Angry Hippie Ale, Trifecta IPA, Intoxicator Rauchdoppelbock, Hopfen Konig IPL, and Big Horn Nut Brown Ale. All available To-Go!


  1. Jason says:

    What, no prices?

  2. Ben says:

    Big Horn Nut Brown Ale $8
    Intoxicator Rauchdoppelbock $15
    Angry Hippie Ale $10
    Trifecta IPA $10
    Hopfen Konig IPL $10

  3. Duke says:

    They have the Hopfen Konig in bottles? Someone should tell the bartenders at Rock Bottom that. Got the Hippie and the Tri on Sat, might have to crack one tonight.

  4. Ben says:

    They could have sold out already. They went on sale beginning-mid last week.

  5. Bryon says:

    We still have the Hopfen Konig for sale…We also have the Smoked Porter, Saison Des Lacs, Bastogne Blonde, and the Hop Bomb Double IPA available on the 13 of August for the tapping!

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