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Schell’s Stag Series #3 Release Parties

Mark your calendars. Any chance Mr. Berg will come out of seclusion for one of these?

Stag #3 (Rauchbier) Kick-off Schedule
3/2                                         Groveland Tap                                  9-11pm
3/10                                       Hanger Room                                    4-7pm
3/11                                       O’Gara’s                                              10-12am
3/15                                       The Rex Bar                                        8-10pm
3/23                                       Mac’s Industrial                                9:30-11:30
3/24                                       Mad Capper                                       4-7pm
3/24                                       Stanley’s                                              7-9pm


  1. beerdude says:

    What is the #3?

  2. Jonny says:

    Stag Nummer Drei ist ein Rauchbier!

  3. David Berg says:

    My dad’s not in seclusion, he lives in FL now;^)

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