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St. Paul Summer Beer Fest

Shake off the thoughts of the mountains of snow outside and replace them with the memory of the warmth of the summer sun because the details are out on this year’s St. Paul Summer Beer Fest.

WE ARE MOVING!!!!! The 3rd Annual St Paul Summer Beer Fest will be on June 25th from 1-6pm at the MN State Fairgrounds inside the International Bazaar……can’t wait to see you all there this summer!!!!! —Mark and Juno—

Tickets for the event will go on sale online Saturday, April 2nd at noon. Price: TBA.


  1. Mike says:

    This is an unfortunate date. The Twins play the Brewers in Milwaukee that weekend. Now I have to decide on the St. Paul Beer Festival or Twins Vs. Brewers. 🙁

  2. Ben says:

    Inside on a summer day with no A/C? Why not outside with the option of inside should the weather be bad?

  3. HT says:

    The Bazaar is outside. Quite a bit smaller than Midway, but more shade.

  4. Crafty says:

    @Ben, the International Bazaar is outside but has some booths that are covered. There will be ample space to enjoy the sun. Don’t leave the sunblock at home!
    @HT, We will also have space outside the Bazaar in the grass, so size wise it’s about the same.
    There will be some nice surprises this year!

  5. Tucker says:

    Cheers to being outside but with more shade. Last summer in the parking lot at the Saints Stadium was blistering… Too bad it couldn’t be at one of the parks on the Mississippi.


  6. Erin says:

    this date sucks. i, along with plenty of other beer enthusiasts, will be watching the twins and tailgating in Milwaukee. too bad. glad for the location change, the saints stadium with absolutely no shade was really rough last year. i can still see the line of my sunburn

  7. Mac says:

    I’ll be there again for the 3rd time running, can’t wait! But I also wish it were on a different date…and I’m not picky. ANY Sunday would have be better. Much less competition with other events, family functions, etc. But still, now it’ll be easier to catch a bus there & SHADE! Hope it’s not too packed…

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