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Second attempt: Uerige Altbier Cask as well as Hambleton Nightmare porter on cask at Bulldog NE tonight!

Assuming all goes smoothly, tonight at the Bulldog NE they will be tapping two casks; the classic Düsseldorf Altbier Uerige Sticke as well as CAMRA award winning Hambleton Nightmare porter.

According to Brad “The Beer Guy”, they should both be up and pouring by 7pm if not earlier.

For more information on these classic beers, see:


  1. Eric says:

    Grrr. The Surly Mild release at the Gnome AND this?! We are spoiled here in MN….

  2. zeller says:

    Whoa, Surly Mild release at the Gnome tonight? I thought it was in a week.

  3. surlybrewer says:

    Nope.Mild tonite,Two is next week.

    See ya there…

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