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Some news from Schell’s

Look for August Schell’s Octoberfest in stores later this month. You’ll also find it at the Renaissance Festival and the Minnesota State Fair.

Pop quiz… what’s the next seasonal beer that follows Octoberfest? Give up? It’s Snowstorm, and once-again, there’s a new recipe. This year’s Snowstorm will be a Belgian-style Dubbel that weighs in at about 7% abv. The beer is made with six malts, turbinado sugar and a crazy Belgian yeast. I bet this is going to be goooood this year..


  1. Scott says:

    I just hope my keg of Schell’s Original shows up soon. I just finished off my last keg of beer in my home bar and need something to sustatin my basement remodeling. They must only drive the truck up from New Ulm once a month.

  2. David Van Cleve says:

    I think you can blame J.J. Taylor for that : )

    I’m looking forward to Snowstorm as always.

  3. DavidJames says:

    I’ve enjoyed several of the August Schell brews over the years but the Snowstorm annual always piques my anticipation each year. This year’s edition sounds especially intriguing and I can’t wait. Hope to get my hands on a six pack of Snowstorm 2007 and review it on Microbrew Review

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