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Twin Six (Pack?)

Okay, so it’s not entirely beer-related, but a lot of MNBeer readers dig bikes, and of course we’re all down with the local thing. Hence, I’ve been digging Twin Six, a local company that designs cycling gear that deviates from the norm. Good stuff. To keep this beer-related, I suggest you check out the brewpub jersey, brewpub t-shirtladies, too… and of course they have pint glasses and coasters… the real question, though, is how much local beer could I fit in this bag?


  1. Ryan says:

    To answer your questions, it’s two six packs, really.

  2. ryan says:

    Good to know! I suppose that means that I could squeeze 3 4-packs of Surly cans in it too. Now we just need to convince Hoigaard’s to carry some…

  3. Mike says:

    Twin Six should start making beer that comes packaged in their water bottles.

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