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SSBF Contest from HopChart

The St. Paul Summer Beer Festival, which debuted in 2009, will be held Sunday, June 20th and if you want to go, FOR FREE, then check out the contest HopChart is running.

Do you want to go to the St. Paul Summer Beer Festival? If you answered yes to that question then you should definitely check out the contest HopChart is putting on. HopChart was lucky enough to receive not 1 set, not even 2 sets, but 4 sets of tickets to this awesome beer festival!

Now let it be known that HopChart loves its users, but we really want to share this love with people who have never heard of us. So unlike our Winterfest Contest which awarded a set of tickets to the top point getter this contest is a member drive. We want to know how many people we can sign up from March 1st until March 20th.

1st and 10
The first user who gets 10 new members to join will win a set of tickets.(*)

Members Only
The top 2 users who get the most new members to join will each win a set of tickets.(* & **)

You’re Quite Inviting
We know it’s hard to get people to sign up for things they don’t understand, so the top 3 people who send invites will be entered into a drawing to win a set of tickets.(* & ***)

Additional details, including how you go about inviting people to join HopChart and of course all the rules, can be found on the site.