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“Strong Beer” at the Minnesota State Fair

Woo! Yay! Rah! Now the plastic glass of overpriced Miller Lite at the Fair can jump from 3.2 to 4% (or whatever it is…)!!! Seriously, though, this could potentially open the doors for our craft brew friends who don’t make 3.2 beers. I’ve never really paid attention to the state of beer at the State Fair (other than the homebrew contest, but that’s another thing entirely), but this can’t be a bad thing:

Fair officials announced Friday they will ditch the long tradition of wimpy 3.2-percent-alcohol beer and allow vendors to sell stronger beer to thirsty fairgoers when the event opens in August.

New at the Fair: Strong beer


  1. David Berg says:

    What a truly poorly written article. “Most light beers have about 4.2 percent alcohol. Other beers, including Budweiser, Miller and Samuel Adams, are about 5 percent, though some imported beers contain more.” Are you talking about 4.2 % by volume or weight? I truly doubt it’s by weight (which is what 3.2 beer refers to).

    Luckily they are limiting the amount people can get to 2 beers–because it’s strong. Never seen anyone get drunk on 3.2 beer (which, by the way is 4% by volume, and is pretty much every light beer that exists). Some people just don’t get it.

  2. scott says:


    You’ve never seen anyone get drunk on 3.2 beer? Did you attend college? ;O)

  3. David Berg says:

    Sorry, I was being facetious. Forgot that doesn’t always work on the printed page!

  4. scott says:

    Good clarification. I was a bit worried there for a minute 🙂

  5. TestName says:

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