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Stub & Herb’s is on board…

After the pile of posts and events added yesterday, I forgot to mention that Stub & Herb’s has been added to our tap list. They have a great selection of Minnesota craft beers and their bar manager seems like a great guy to deal with. Combine that with the new ownership and we’re in business!

Other MN bars with great beer: If you want to be listed on, drop me a line (ryan AT Our requirements are fairly painless… we require that you have an average of at least 3 Minnesota beers on tap at any given time, a solid line-up of craft beer (if you selection of Coors, Bud and Miller is larger than your craft beer selection, you won’t qualify), and a little time every week to two weeks to let us know what’s changed on tap.  Beer drinkers: if your favorite bar is missing, encourage the bar manager to get in touch with us. This service is free, so you really can’t lose.


  1. Moe says:

    They have a much better selection then I was expecting. Guess I’ll have to give them another try before a Gopher Hockey game this winter.

  2. David Van Cleve says:

    Here’s a bit of trivia: Stub’s best selling craft beer during hockey season is Sawtooth fom Left Hand. In fact, it used to outsell the light lager offerings during hockey nights!

    (Source: Jon Landers, Stub and Herb’s Bar Manager)

  3. Jeff Krenner says:

    Great to see them added to the list. I was impressed when I was there for the SurlyFest release.

  4. al says:

    way to go, Jon!
    good jopb, Stub & HErb’s!

  5. Ben says:

    I was just in there last night. Where else can you get a pitcher of SurlyFest for $6.25?! $5 off pitchers on Wednesday nights. Grab a pitcher of Grain Belt Premium or Hamm’s for just $3.25! HA!

  6. That’s great!

    A few others that might be worth pursuing are
    Bryant-Lake Bowl
    The Craftsman
    Groveland Tap
    Longfellow Grill
    Pizza Luce (St Paul)
    The Sample Room
    Sea Salt Eatery (Minnehaha Falls Park)
    Sweeney’s Saloon

    The next time I am at one of those, I’ll ask them to contact you.

  7. Jon Landers says:

    Wow! Thanks to all of you for stopping in.

    I could always use help drinking all of this great beer. The next time any of you drop in, make sure you say hello. Questions, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Plus, I always like talking beer.


    Jon Landers
    Bar Manager
    Stub and Herb’s

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