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Lots of good stuff from Surly:

Hello Surly Nation,

Who wants to drink some free beer? I know this email is boring, but free
beer is worth the trouble.

Holy Crap, Surly is coming up on it’s one year anniversary. We brewed our
first beer December 30th, 2005. We’re planning some fun stuff to celebrate
the most over-hyped, trendy and underbrewed brewery in Minnesota. (I’m not
sure what underbrewed means, but its what somebody told us.)

Our biggest news:
one – our anniversary beer will be released in January. It’s a high-gravity
small batch lager aged for over 6 months.

Here are some of the events on the books at this time.

January 10th
Anniversary Beer Dinner @ The Happy Gnome
Six course dinner paired with the following beers and others:
a cask beer
coffee bender
bourbon bender – Our first beer brewed one year ago!
one – Our 1st anniversary beer
Call the Happy Gnome to make a reservation – 651.287.2018

Growler Sales continue @ the brewery!
December 16 – Furious & Bender & Coffee Bender (limited numbers) – noon-2:00
December 23 – Furious & Bender & Darkness (limited numbers)  – noon-2:00
December 29 – Furious & Bender – Special Friday Fill Time – 4:30-6:30
Coffee Bender & Darkness sale limited to one growler per person.

Free Surly Beer!
1st up, The Groveland Tap in St. Paul this Wendsday, December 13th,
7:00-10:00. We will tap a cask of Tea-Bagged Furious at 9:00. Show up early
to get a ticket for a free glass. We will also be giving away some free
shirts, hats and such.

The next Wednesday, December 20th, we will be tapping another pin of free
beer at Acadia Café in Minneapolis. Tapping will commence at 9:00. As
always, show up early to get a drink ticket.

We’re gonna try to tap a pin every week at a new bar, check the calendar at to keep updated on cask beer events.

See you drinking,