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Summit Frostline Rye


Look at this sweet little label! We twisted a few arms and learned some more (emphasis mine):

Frost Line Rye is our new “between-seasons” seasonal release for the bitter cold late winter months, planned for release in mid-January between our Winter Ale and Maibock. Beer lovers in the Upper Midwest know that that time of year is a beast all its own and requires a beer that brings a bit of warmth and comfort. Inspired in-part by Mike Lundell’s Unchained 3: India Style Rye Ale, Frost Line Rye will highlight the earthiness and spice from several varieties of rye and unique hops. This is going to be a great beer to help fight off the deep freeze while longing for the spring thaw. More details to be released in the coming months at Summit Brewing Company’s website, Facebook and Twitter.