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Summit Celebrates 30 Years With Double IPA


Back in 1983, Summit founder Mark Stutrud received a letter from The American Brewers Association. It read:

My dear Mr. Stutrud:
Thank you for your letter, and I note that you are working on a feasibility study on establishing a Micro-Brewery in the Twin Cities area.
Please know that I am not encouraging you to do so, because it is a long and hard road that you are planning to go down.
You did say that you would like to receive an Application for Membership, and it is enclosed.
With all best wishes, I remain
William O’Shea

Now Summit is celebrating 30 years (They first opened in 1986) and they are releasing four different beers throughout the year to celebrate. The first is a Double IPA (sold in 4 packs of 16 oz cans) checking in at 101 IBUS. Tropical fruits dominate with a strong backing of Pale malt which bumps the ABV of this one to 8.5%.

I remember when I first tried Summit EPA years ago and I thought it was way too bitter. Summit brought us a taste of the craft beer movement that was going on out in California and to this day I still consider Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Summit EPA the standards for that style.

To that I raise you a glass Summit, and hope you see many, many more years of success.


Finnegan’s Releases Hoppy Shepherd


Jacquie Berglund founded Finnegan’s back in 2000 with the hopes of turning beer into food. Her organization donates 100% of profits to feed the hungry in the communities where their beer is sold. They’ve made a few different styles over the years (their beers are contract brewed at Summit) and they have all been very solid. The latest from Finnegan’s is a Session Ale called Hoppy Shepherd.

I was impressed with this addition to their lineup (although Dead Irish Poet is still my favorite) as it explores the interesting trend of hoppy session beers. I’m a sucker for these “hop forward” styles and this one lives up to that billing. Think lots of citrus with lightly toasted cracker from the malt. I’d suggest choosing this as you fire up the grill this spring and know that you’re not only feeding yourself, but also members of your community.

Speaking of community, Finnegan’s is partnering with local chefs this month in support of MN FoodShare’s Hunger Awareness Month. The theme….Food Fight. How it works is that chefs are asked to come up with a menu item using one of Finnegan’s beers and sell it at their restaurant for the month of March, and then donating a portion of that to profit. Voting will happen through the entire month with the winner receiving a free weekend at Chase on the Lake Resort. Check out the participants below.

• Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse – Chef Joe Bennett

• The Local – Chef Vincent Francoual

• Green Mill (Uptown, Lakeville, Eagan and Albert Lee)- Chefs Eric Heidelberger, Sammy Gonzalez, Danielle Puhle, Derek Oakland

• Le Town Talk Diner – Chef Ozzy Amelotti

• Pat’s Tap and the Red Stag- David Robinson (Pat’s Tap), Chefs Brian Krouch & Andrew Erenst (Red Stag)

• The Minneapolis Club – Chef Hakan Lundberg

• FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar (MOA and Downtown Mpls) Chefs Dinesh Jayawardena and Jim Kyndberg

• Jake O’Connors and O’Donovan’s- Chris Oxley


MACCD Daddy: Summit & Karben4 Collaboration Project


Our friends at Summit embarked on their first collaborative journey earlier this month. They joined Karben4 Brewing in Madison, WI to brew a hoppy red session ale specifically for Madison Craft Beer Week. Should you find yourself in Madision on May 4th, it will be released at at Merchant restraurant and bar with a 90s themed dance party!

You’ll also find MACCC Daddy at several other bars that week: The Up North Bar, Coopers’ Tavern, Brasserie V, The Free House Pub, Brickhouse BBQ, Gates & Brovi, The Malt House, Dexter’s Pub, The Red Zone, Tipsy Cow, Star Bar, Natt Spil, Mickey’s, 1885 Saloon & Grill, Graze, D Lux, Maduro, Brocah Irish Pub Monroe St.

Here’s a video with Mike Lundell from Summit and Ryan Koga from Karben4 sharing details on MACCC Daddy’s inspiration and process.

Summit Union Series: Rebellion Stout Details

Summit Rebellion StoutWe dug up some information about the second beer in Summit Brewing Co.’s Union Series back in August. Now that we inch closer to an official release, we’re happy to share some more details.

First and foremost, you’ll start to see this beer the week of November 18th.

The recipe is based on an 1896 recipe from the recipe archives of a brewery in the Irish city of Cork. At 70 IBUs and 8.5% ABV, this beer should be nice, warming stout, perfect for the winter months. The name comes from Cork’s reputation as “The Rebel County” for its prominent  role in the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War.

Read on for more information.

Summit Frostline Rye


Look at this sweet little label! We twisted a few arms and learned some more (emphasis mine):

Frost Line Rye is our new “between-seasons” seasonal release for the bitter cold late winter months, planned for release in mid-January between our Winter Ale and Maibock. Beer lovers in the Upper Midwest know that that time of year is a beast all its own and requires a beer that brings a bit of warmth and comfort. Inspired in-part by Mike Lundell’s Unchained 3: India Style Rye Ale, Frost Line Rye will highlight the earthiness and spice from several varieties of rye and unique hops. This is going to be a great beer to help fight off the deep freeze while longing for the spring thaw. More details to be released in the coming months at Summit Brewing Company’s website, Facebook and Twitter.