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Summit Horizon Red

Here’s the official info on Summit’s new beer, Horizon Red Ale.

ST. PAUL, MN – (April 7, 2009) – Summit Brewing Company is proud to present Horizon Red Ale, an emerging American hybrid ale that crosses the boundaries of styles. This red-hued ale projects an intensity of complex hops – yet allows the drinker to experience the character of the malt with notes of apricot, pine, and grapefruit. Beautifully dry hopped, Horizon Red Ale will be considered a classic!

The Horizon name stems from the use of the Horizon hop, a rare hop much revered by brewers and cherished for its pungent, spicy, bittering qualities. Cascade and Amarillo hops, rich with flavor and aroma for a bright, citrus profile, are also used in this formulation. Horizon Red is hopped at 6 different points in the brewing process, more frequency than any other Summit beer.

The Horizon Red Ale will also be the first Summit tap handle to feature bamboo, a sustainable and earth friendly material. The entire Summit tap handle line will eventually feature bamboo as the brewery continues to be stewards of green business practices.

“The development of the Horizon Red Ale is truly a collaborative effort. As this new ale crosses boundaries of style, it also possesses the passion, commitment, and expertise of all disciplines of the brewery. We’re very excited to present this beer for our devoted fans as well as new Summit drinkers,” said Mark Stutrud, Brewmaster and Founder of Summit Brewing Company.

Horizon Red Ale is officially available April 20, with a select number of establishments pouring it April 16. The beer will be available year-round, but the initial release will be at limited locations throughout the greater metro area.


  1. Duke says:

    Does this mean they are switching their light saber looking tap handles? I hope so!

  2. andy says:

    Hmm- sounds kinda-sorta like a darker Minnesota take on DFH 60 minute IPA. 12 more days will tell the tale!

    Why bamboo, though? We have plenty of Aspen, even the cultivars that produce furniture-grade timber, as well as birch, ash, elm, willow, and oak. Oh well. I actually like bamboo, wish there was a tall kind that grew in MN…

  3. dave says:

    its delicious !!

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