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Lots of interesting things happening at Summit Brewing Co. They’ve added new fermenters, expanding their annual capacity to 105,000 barrels. More surprising is the fact that that there will be a bit of a line-up change this summer. Scandia Ale, Summit’s interpretation of a witbier, will replace their Hefe Weizen as the summer seasonal. Look for it in bottles and on draft starting in May and running through August or September. The Hefe Weizen, meanwhile, will find its way into the Chicago market as it’s one of Summit’s best sellers in that market.

Summit ESB will now be a full-time beer. Look for it in bottles and on draft this month.

No new limited releases are planned for 2007.


  1. berrywise says:

    Any other news on this?


    Continues to innovate its product portfolio while educating consumers about craft beers

    CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wisc. (March 26, 2007) – The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company is bringing their version of a favorite European recipe to craft beer lovers this summer. This April, the 140-year-old specialty brewer will add a new summer seasonal, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, to its family of premium craft beers.

    A relatively untapped offering in the U.S., the “shandy” (which is short for “shandygaff”) as it’s called in England and Germany, is typically a mixture of beer and soda or lemonade which has been enjoyed across Europe since the 17th century. Another variation of a shandy is the “radler” which is a German term for cyclist. In September 1922, Franz Xaver Kugler developed the radler, when approximately 13,000 cyclists visited his tavern in Munich. His beer supply started to run out, so he cleverly mixed the remaining beer with lemonade and pretended he created the blend especially for the cyclists.

    Today, Leinenkugel’s is taking this summer refresher to a new level with its Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, a blend of select malted wheat and barley, lemonade flavor and a hint of Wisconsin honey.

    “Summer Shandy is an adventurous and unexpected new flavor from Leinenkugel’s,” said Jake Leinenkugel, company president and fifth generation brewer. “We’re excited to introduce our version of the shandy-style beer and hope to draw interest from our loyal fans and beer lovers in search of an innovative new taste this summer.”

    Available April through August, Summer Shandy will officially be Leinenkugel’s new summer seasonal. In June, 2006, consumers overwhelmingly voted for Berry Weiss to become a year-round offering after serving as Leinenkugel’s summer seasonal beer since 1996.

    Brewed in small, high-quality batches at Leinenkugel’s brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy features a tangy and citrus character. Its tart lemon flavoring complements spicy and robust summertime grilling recipes.

    Leinenkugel’s new Summer Shandy will be one of the cornerstones in a summer sampling program in markets throughout the Upper Midwest, encouraging consumers to “Taste the Adventure.” The program will also feature Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, which the company has rolled out into more than 30 new markets across the U.S. based on its success. Leinenkugel Brothers Jake and Dick will tour the Upper Midwest in May to introduce their new Summer Shandy to beer fans personally.

    Summer Shandy contains 4.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). It will be available where Leinenkugel’s is sold in 6, 12 and 24-pack bottles and on draft in 1/2, 1/4 and 1/6 barrels.

  2. ryan says:

    Who knows? This is MNBeer. 🙂 I’ve had a radler or four in my lifetime and enjoyed them, so I imagine I’ll give Leinenkugel’s attempt a try. I can’t say I’m overly optimistic, though. I like wibier, but haven’t cared for their attempt (Sunset Wheat)… I can’t help but think “malternative” or “alco-pop” when I think of Leine’s version. Of course I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

  3. beachscrat says:

    Nasty man…Summer Shandy can kiss my ass. What do they think we’re idiots? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, fruit has no place in beer, unless of course your base beer is a properly aged and funked up lambic, and you’re using actual fruit. I have huge respect for the Leinie’s nostalgia and all (pre-sell out to Miller of course). Leinie’s Limited/Northwoods is a solid midwest lager. But God dammit man, this artificial flavor alco-pop crap they’re putting out lately is pissing me off.

    Oh yeah, and like what Ryan said; they’re in Wisconsin, and this is the MN Beer website.

  4. berrywise says:

    Funny the first time I tried a Shandy was when I was in Germany and the family I was staying with drank it regularly for dinner (Coke mixed with Kolsch). I thought it would taste like ass but it wasn’t really all that half bad.

    I will agree that a lot of the stuff Leinies had produced as of late (Sunset Wheat, Applespice) has tasted like crap.

    Figured a thread about summer seasonals was as good as any to talk about this. As for this being a Minnesota beer site, well considering we post about Bell’s being served on tap at local pubs I figured most of the places around here serve up the Leinies as well. Cheers ;o)

  5. ryan says:

    I’m just kidding. I don’t care if you talk about beers from outside of Minnesota on MNBeer… within reason, of course.

    I don’t like a lot of beer with fruit – the good ones seem to be few and far between. I tend to think that fake fruit (i.e. imitation flavorings) have no place in beer… I’m a little more liberal with regards to real fruit. Aside from lambics, Fantome has done some good things with fruit juices, New Glarus’ Wisconsin Red and Raspberry Tart are really good and I’ve had at least one or two good blueberry ales. I’ve also had a lot of bad ones. 🙂

    I made an ale with a Oregon cherry puree and whole, pitted cherries and Abbey yeast and I’ve got to say it’s pretty tasty.

  6. beachscrat says:

    Okay cool….well in that case, anyone know where I can pick up a 2 liter of Zima?

  7. berrywise says:

    I just had my first tastes of the Wisconsin Red and Raspberry Tart about two weeks ago. I was impressed. Not to mention the next time my, non beer drinking wife, wants me to drink wine I might have to break out a bottle of that instead ;o)

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