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Summit Unchained #6 Gold Sovereign Ale Release Parties

“I mean, you’re a — you’ve been given sovereignty, and you’re viewed as a sovereign entity.”

…er. Sorry. Damian McConn steps up to the faucet to pour the latest in Summit’s Unchained Series, his Gold Sovereign Ale. As reported eralier, Damien describes his inspiration for the the beer:

I thought it might be fun to produce a beer based on an old recipe but incorporating some of the most modern varieties of malt and hops available. Our base malt, Westminster, for example, was only approved in the UK for brewing a few years ago. However, I decided to use the organic, floor malted version as a nod to the production methods used in malting during the 19th Century. We also often seem to think that very hoppy/bitter, and/or high alcohol beers were somehow only “invented” in the last twenty years by brewers on the US West Coast. An examination of some European recipes from the past indicate however, that this approach is not a recent fad but has existed for some time!

Wednesday, March 9 at Blue Door Pub, 3pm
Wednesday, March 9 at Turf Club, 6pm with Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi DJs, $3 pints all night
Friday, March 11 at Muddy Pig, 4pm
Monday, March 14 at Campus Pizza, 6-8pm
Tuesday, March 29 at Four Firkins, 6pm tasting

I think the Turf Club gig sounds especially cool…