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Time to get Stone(d)

You’ve heard the rumors for years, read forums declaring “I swear, next year Stone will be in Minnesota. Well “next year” has arrived. March 29, 2011 Stone Brewing will make its debut appearance in Minnesota. Tap takeovers, brewers and brewery reps, give-aways, Stone is pulling out the stops.

Check out their page dedicated the Stone’s arrival in Minnesota and the different events around town.


  1. mag says:

    those arrogant bastards

  2. arrogantb says:

    Anyone know what time Stubs is starting the tap takeover? The website lists when Koch will be there, but is not clear on the beer availability.


  3. EddieZ says:

    I’ve seen them do a switch-over before. I’m betting it’s not until about 8pm.

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