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Summit Unchained Continues

The second offering from Summit’s Unchained Series will be here soon!

Coming in November is the second beer in our new Unchained Series: 90/- Scottish Style Ale brewed with heather. Named after the old practice of taxing beers based on their strength, 90 Shilling is a traditional Wee Heavy style from brewer Eric Blomquist. This hearty brew will have a rich mahogany color, caramel notes, and a hint of herbal flavor.

Malts Used: Golden Promise and other specialty UK malts
Kettle Additions: Target & Willamette hops, wild Scottish heather
Original Gravity: 16.5 Plato
Bittering Units: 25
Alcohol By Volume: 7.0%
Color (Deg. L): 25
Yeast: Authentic UK ale strain


  1. beerfan says:

    The kolsch was great. I applaud Summit for the Unchained Series and the brewers showing some imagination and not just cranking out Yet Another Overly Hoppy Quintuple IPA or Super Imperial XXXXtreme Oaked Barrel-Aged POS.

  2. BeerTruck says:

    Their first “Unchained” brew, a Kolsch, was superb. Great concept from Summit. Keep it up!

  3. Beast says:

    Concept was not Summits, Tyrannea has been doing it for awile. Although smart of Summit to grab hold and change there line-up up

  4. BeerTruck says:

    They should provide a ballot in each six-pack and let folks vote on their favorite, and add comments. The winner gets produced as a seasonal for at least one season. Engage the customer!

  5. Chip W. says:

    @ BeerTruck… that’s a great idea about the ballot.

  6. Chip W. says:

    I vote for a saison. Maybe for next summer?

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