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Support the “PedalPub Bill”

 Al and Eric put it so well… While you’re at it, book a trip with the PedalPub!

The “PedalPub bill” is still alive and well!  It will amend the law to allow PedalPub passengers to drink beer and wine.  It has been rolled into the House “Omnibus Liquor Bill – HF3829″.  The Senate version of the bill, however, does not contain the PedalPub amendment, so whether it lives or dies depends on the House/Senate conference committee on the 2008 Minnesota Omnibus Liquor Bill.  We brought the PedalPub to the State Capitol recently to let Senators who will be sitting on that committee see the PedalPub, and we testified before their committee.  (Did you see us on the evening news??)

If you’d like to help, call or write your Minnesota Representative and Senators and ask them to please support this vital bill now before the House/Senate conference committee!

Here is a link to the bill:

Write to your House Representative and Senator today!:
To find your Representative and Senator:


——————cut and paste lines below into your email—————
Subject: PedalPub provision in the 2008 Minnesota Omnibus Liquor Bill

Dear Representative/Senator [NameHere],

As a constituent of your district, I am writing to you to ask for your support of the PedalPub amendment in the 2008 Omnibus Liquor Bill soon to come before the House/Senate conference committee, containing the “PedalPub provision” (HR 3829).

Thank you!

[Your Name]
[Your Address and Phone]
——————end cut and paste———————————————