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Surly Cask @Stub & Herb’s

If you’re a fan of Surly’s Cynic, you might want to make plans to visit Stub & Herb’s tonight. They’ll have a cask of Oak Aged Cynic dry-hopped with Slovenian Celeia.


  1. Ben says:

    It’s also the BeerAdvocate Xmas Gathering there tonight.

  2. beerfan says:

    Hey, Ben, ask all the BA folks for me why they skew their rating in favor of RIS, big beers and things that are super hard to get.

  3. Andy s says:

    Why bother, does it make any difference.

  4. beerfan says:

    No, probably not. They all most likely think they know all there is to know about beer in addition to suffering severe brain damage from the over-consumption of extreme beers and the main-lining of hop extract.

  5. Ben says:

    I don’t care about reviews. A bad review from others has never stopped me from trying a beer and a great review hasn’t stopped me from forming my own opinion of a beer.

    While I don’t get down with their whole rating system, almost all of the members I’ve met at various events around the US over the years have all been nice guys that genuinely love beer and are always happy to share something new and interesting with ya.

    Get with the times beerfan, RIS’ are so 2005-2009. Sours are the new big thing for 2010. 😉

  6. beerfan says:

    Dude, I’ve been on the sour bandwagon for a long time. I have a bunch of Lost Abbeys at home in the cellar…

  7. Charlie Marks says:

    the irony is is…well holy shit.

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