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Surly Four @Common Roots

Have you been itching to try Surly’s anniversary brew, Four? If so, you have the opportunity to scratch that itch this afternoon at Common Roots Cafe. They’ll be tapping a keg of this iced coffee milk stout at 5:00 but don’t expect it to last long.


  1. Beerfan says:

    Stopped by for a sandwich and a 4 yesterday afternoon.

    The sandwich was subpar. Would not go back for the food.

    The 4 was way over the top coffee, some malt sweetness came out as it warmed. It was a bit boozy, not hot, but alcoholic. Too much coffee to malt for my taste.

  2. Trav says:

    Funny, I tried it, and if I had not known coffee was in there, i would have never guessed. There was zero espresso apparent.

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