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Surly Mild Release at the Blue Nile

The Blue Nile and Surly beer go hand in hand. So mark your calendar for the upcoming release of this year’s batch of Mild and join in the celebration.

It’s time for Mild to land on anticipating tastebuds, and the Blue Nile is happy to host the annual launch. In addition to that, the date the occasion falls upon also happens to commemorate seven years to the day since we first tapped a keg of Surly (which was the first week they debuted). We know the official anniversary beer won’t be out for Todd-only-knows how long, but we’re making our own party. At least eight Surlys will be on tap: Mild, Abrasive, Syx, Smoke, Darkness, Furious, Bender, and Cynic. There may be more, and we’ll let you know when we do!

6pm until whenever. There will be sample sets available, so you can get your fill without needing to turn in your car keys.

see you there,

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  1. al says:

    Add two more beers to the line-up, Fiery Hell, and Damien, making for 10 Surlys on tap, as well as a Firkin of Furious.!

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