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Surly on Tap

Guess what folks, you can now find Surly beer on tap in the Twin Cities.

News flash – Beer on tap at Acadia Cafe and Blue Nile! See the SURLY BARS page on locations and web-sites! Be sure to tell them you wanna Get Surly.

Surly kick-off party this weekend!
Party at Half-Time Rec. in St. Paul, Saturday, Feb 3rd. $2 pints of Bender and your chance to Get Surly. Also, meet the people behind Surly.


The day we have all been waiting for is finally here. Surly beer is
officially available! You can find both Bender and Furious on tap at Café
Twenty Eight in Linden Hills, and Bender is pouring at Solera in downtown
Minneapolis. As a matter of fact, Surly is pouring for only $2.00 a beer
after 10:00 weekdays at Solera. I know, I just came from there. Prepare for
a night out if you are drinking at Café Twenty Eight, as they are a
restaurant and do not have a stand alone bar. For that matter, a reservation
is a good idea. Surly beers always go well with food. We have bars and
restaurants that are trying to drain a tap line for us over the weekend, so
keep checking the website next week for additional taps as they develop. We
hope to be adding locations fast and Furious.