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Surly Open

Your opportunity to throw a disc around and drink some fine, local beer is coming soon. It’s the Surly Open and registration is now open!

****5/7 UPDATE: All spots are full & registration is closed.****

Rain or Shine | Dinner at 6:00pm

Course: Blue Ribbon Pines

Leave your balls at home, this is a disc golf tournament

Cost: $35. You must register. No sign-ups the day of the event.

Price includes:

– Commemorative disc golf
– Dinner from Divine Swine Catering – roasted pig, turkey and sides
– Round of golf on the 27 memorable holes
– Surly beers will be $2 & all proceeds will go to the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
– No cash awards. This is a beer event, not a competitive golf event

*This is the only place to register*

*There’s only 135 slots open. First come, first serve.”


  1. Nick says:

    I would like to respectully request that the 1st coolest summer event in the TC (Surly Open) not be made to conflict with the second coolest summer event in the TC (Rock the Garden). June 19th. Guess I’ll have to get my flux capacitor working again.

  2. Ben says:

    Pretty sure 1st beats 2nd.

  3. Mag says:

    And the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest the next day??? Ho boy. I’ve got a headache already.

  4. Ben says:

    Mag: That’s also Father’s Day. On the upside my dad asked me about the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest just today while I was talking to him so I may have to go with him.

  5. Trav says:

    I request no beer related event be scheduled from Memorial Day threw labor day as I will be doing one of the following-wedding/anniversary/work/fishing/vacation/bachelor party/camping. Luckily they ALL involve beer.

  6. Mag says:

    @Ben Damn, Father’s Day too! Hmm, hanging with pops at a beer fest might be kinda fun, but it may also cut down on the amount of beer-chick action I get. Oh wait, I don’t get any nevermind.

  7. chad says:

    This also conflicts with the last day of the National Homebrew Conference. Damn it so much!

  8. Ben says:

    Looks like Omar has to be at the Homebrew Conference from 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. for the Starting Your Own Brewery Panel before heading to the Surly Open.

  9. Ben says:

    Registration is now full.

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