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Surly Wet

[Big thanks to our buddy Chip for providing his first write-up for MNBeer! -ra]

Hopheads, beware. Surly Brewing Company has really gone and done it this time. Last week, the brewery got a fresh delivery of 1,400 lbs. of fresh wet hops (Centennials and Chinooks according to the boxes I saw) from Washington state. And they all went into ONE beer. One 50 lbs. bag at a time. They’re calling this hop monster ‘Surly Wet.’

It took much of the day for head brewer Todd Haug to get all those beautiful babies into a the kettle for steeping and owner Omar Ansari says it took until well past midnight to get them all back out.

Surly Wet is a juicy lupy American IPA. It’s expected to hit taps sometime in October either before or after the American Homebrewers Association Rally, which takes place at the brewery on October 10th. If you love hops, make it a point to track this one down. It will not be canned.

Brewer Todd Haug and Owner Omar Ansari buddy up to dump a 50 lbs. bag of hops into the kettle for steeping.

A look inside the kettle with only 500 of the eventual 1,400 lbs. of hops.

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  1. Chip W. says:

    Thanks for posting it, Ryan. I had a great time volunteering for a few hours there while they were dumping the hops. The whole brewery smelled like hop juice. Cheers! (Chip W.)

  2. HT says:

    Looks like more than 50 lbs.

  3. Chip W. says:

    Omar said the bags each held 50 lbs. They looked heavier to me, too! Or maybe just awkward because they are so long.

  4. surlybrewer says:

    With the high moisture content those bags look heavier than they were, just really bulky and taller than me!


  5. al says:

    Can’t wait to try the finished product! Mmm, mmm!

  6. Peter says:

    Drinking it right now. Canned and shipped this morning. It is Godly. Git some.

  7. Tim says:

    Where can I get this!?!?! I need to know…

  8. J.P. says:

    Bought a 4-pack at The Cellars in Eagan today. Said it was canned on 10/12/10… Delicious!

  9. Greg says:

    Plenty of Surly Wet available at Apple Valley Liquor #2, 14261 Essex Ave Apple Valley MN 55124. We have some Surly fest too!

  10. Grady says:

    Saw this new Surly Fearsome Foursome in the cooler (apart from the other Surly products) at Lake Aire in Duluth. Got to say again – Surly Rocks!

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