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  1. Trav says:

    That rain was mighty cold and depressing. The 4 beer limit was probably a good thing I guess, but on the down side, Surly beer is so tasty, my tickets were gone by 6pm.

  2. Jono says:

    Any more than four beers, it becomes a bigger liability for Surly if someone is DWI..

    Yeah, the rain sucked, but whatcha gonna do.

  3. Ben says:

    Rain wasn’t a problem. 4 beer limit was a great idea. Enough people were drunk off that and cops were waiting right by the freeway exit so anything to decrease liability for Surly and insure that events like this can happen there again is great.

  4. Bill says:

    I know 4 beers was enough for me, being sober cab and all. I have a feeling some people were able to pry extra tickets off of other people. That or some people have insanely an insanely small tolerance. Good times

  5. Trav says:

    How does ABR and other fests not face HUGE liability issues running a beer fest with unlimited samples? Is Surly any better off since they allowed four drinks per person? Im not down with any of these legal aspects, but they sure seem like they wouldnt be fun to deal with from the breweries/fests prospetive

  6. Ben says:

    ABR has to get insurance for the event (I don’t know if Surly had to also but it may have been part of their permit/liquor license requirements). Plus I would guess that Minneapolis is a little lenient about such events then Brooklyn Center is.

    It’s not just a matter of it being a liability to the party throwing the event but also spoiling their good name. If someone was to get into an accident or whatever after either event, it may make it harder for them to be allowed to hold such an event in the future. Maybe events like ABR, Winterfest, City Pages Beer Fest, etc are all just rolling the dice and hoping something doesn’t happen to cause problems for future events. Great Taste of the Midwest goes out of their way to insure such problems don’t happen by not allowing any parking at the fest and providing $1 taxi rides anywhere in the city after the fest. They were even going to get rid of the bike parking this year to insure there were no drunk people on bikes that may ride out into traffic or take a fall.

    Ultimately it’s still the responsibility of those running the event to cut off anyone they deem to be drunk or they may face legal backlash. I’m would guess that brewers at the fests are instructed not to serve anyone that seems to be overly intoxicated (even if I haven’t really seen this enforced). Those 4 beers at SurlyFest are more then enough to make many people drunk. You’re use to drinking macro and you may be in for a surprise. 4 x .5L of CynicAle = about 10 x 12oz Miller Lites.

  7. Brent says:


    Do not be so stupid as to go drinking at a beer fest and plan on driving home!

    Our designated driver had a great time with out beer and provided extra tickets to our designated drinkers.

  8. Jono says:

    It would be good to offer a “Designated Driver” price / option like some other events do already. I think there were probably quite a few people there that figured they were OK to drive even after four beers. Some can handle that, some can’t, obviously. But if someone wanted to attend and NOT drink it’d be good to let them in for cheap/free.

  9. Duke says:

    Didnt the ABR offer a $10.00 D.D. ticket? Whats to keep the D.D. from drinking though. At an event like the ABR it would be extremely easy to buy the D.D. ticket and just drink some your buddies samples. I suppose there arent that many people who would do that anyway.

  10. al says:

    hey, who can show me a picture of the stein? I’m jealous I didn’t get one…bet there’s some on ebay right about now…

  11. Jono says:

    I will post a pic sometime. You can have mine for One MILLION Dollars! No, not really.

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