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Chop & Brew #15: Making Pie From Scratch

This episode of Chop & Brew is obviously more chop than brew, but with the holidays coming up quickly – what better topic for the homebrewing/cooking webshow to feature than making homemade pie from scratch. Elsa Walton and her mom come from a long line of amazing pie makers. In this episode, the ladies reveal some of their family’s secret tips and techniques for making a perfect pie crust and filling from scratch. Eat it for desert, eat it for breakfast; forget the cake, it’s Pie Time! [Spoiler alert: there’s even some similarities between pie-making and brewing beer. You’ll see.]

Chop & Brew #8: How to Cook with Beer

A couple of months ago, Better Beer Society University hosted the one-and-only Homebrew Chef Sean Z. Paxton and a presentation Paxton called “How to Cook with Beer.” If you aren’t aware, Paxton is a frequent contributor to Beer Advocate, Zymurgy and The Brewing Network. He is not only one of the world’s most well-known beer cuisine experts, but also an avid homebrewer. Chop & Brew is proud to bring you this presentation Paxton delivered at BBSU. Some Twin Cities Beer Geek All-Stars also make audience member cameos. Grab a notepad, a beer, and something to nosh on because some epic science is about to be dropped. This episode also unveils the new Chop & Brew logo hand-crafted by Saint Paul artist DWITT, who will likely be making an interesting chop- and/or brew-related appearance in the show in the near future.