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Bad Weather Brewing Taproom Grand Opening October 9


Good news! Bad Weather Brewing has completed their migration to West 7th in Saint Paul and will open the doors to the new taproom on October 9th.  Four brand new beers will be on tap that day, as well as the lineup they’ve come to be known for.

This is welcome news for Saint Paul [and its residents who prefer to bike to breweries…namely me] as well as visitors to the Xcel Energy center, which is just a few blocks straight down 7th from the taproom.

Cheers to the the crew at Bad Weather for all their hard work renovating their new space.


Bad Weather Bar (Image Source: badweatherbrewery.com)

Bad Weather Taproom Bar (Image Source: badweatherbrewery.com)


Six Pack: Sisyphus Brewing Co.

Sisyphus_Gray_PrimaryAs I polish off this beer…er post, we find ourselves less than 24 hours from the grand opening of Minnesota’s newest brewing, Sisyphus Brewing Co. Skip out of work at noon on Friday and head over to their taproom at 712 West Ontario in Minneapolis. This will be a great time to check out their initial offerings.

Sisyphus’ will be operating on a small, two-barrel brewing system, with a constantly rotating selection of beers. They have no plans to offer up growler or retail sales, so you’ll have to head over to the taproom to sample some for yourself. The Sisyphus Brewing Taproom will initially be open every Friday and Saturday from noon to 1 am, with additional days to follow.

1. Could you share a little background on your venture into the brewing world?
I have been homebrewing for almost five years in our condo.  It started with just a mini-fridge in the kitchen, and quickly expanded to a “beer closet,” and now the beer stuff has overflowed into the dining and living room.


2. We’re familiar with Sisyphus from Greek mythology and his legendary punishment of rolling a boulder up a hill only to watch is roll down again. What’s your boulder?
My boulder right now is the entire brewery/taproom ownership experience.  You fill your fermenters, then you fill your serving tanks, then you sell your beer.  Then they need to be refilled again, by the exact same process you went through just a couple weeks ago.  Even when brewing different styles, the process is essentially the same from batch to batch.  It’s repetitive, like the boulder on the mountainside.  But brewing, like rock rolling, is hard work, and one doesn’t have time to think about such things while doing it.  You have to put your all into it, even though you’ve done it many times before and will do it many times again.
3. Your brewery will include a 100-seat theater space which will no doubt set you apart from other taproom operations what do you envision for that space?
We plan to run ticketed shows on Friday and Saturdays, with hopes to draw acts that people are going to get really excited to come see in a small, intimate setting.  The business model of selling our own beers in the show room will help us be able to spend more on the acts.  The rest of the week, we hope for the space to be available as a community space.  Open mics, improv, music…really whatever, we want it to be a resource for the artistic community on those off nights.
4. What was the first Minnesota-made beer to pass your lips? How about the most recent (aside from one of your own, of course)?
First Minnesota made beer ever consumed was a Summit EPA, given to me by Catherine.  She was into beer before me.  Recently consumed, I spent some time with Patrick at Jack Pine in Baxter and he is making some awesome beer.  His Whiskey Trespass was one of the best barrel aged beers I had tried in a long while.
5. We’re all kind of music nuts around here… what do the fine folks of Sisyphus like to play in the brewhouse?
I’m a big bluegrass fan.  There are even some harmonicas strewn about the brewhouse for some impromptu jamming.

6. What’s your response to those who will ask if there are “too many breweries” in Minnesota or suggest that the market is getting saturated?
There are over 8800 wineries in the United States, and only 2700 breweries.  I think beer makers are becoming like winemakers and trying to carve out a small niche in the market rather than going for the whole thing, and those people are very happy doing that.  We are just one example of the mindset of wanting to do this to make a living because we love it.  I think people traditionally hear brewery and think Summit, or Budweiser, or some sort of huge operation that wants to gain market share, and have their beer on every tap list and in every liquor store.  That isn’t the norm anymore for the places that are opening, it’s now about small local, really good beer.  People in the local beer community know that Minneapolis/Minnesota in general is behind the rest of the country (Denver, Portland, Seattle, San Diego to name a few) in the craft beer movement (though we are very quickly getting up to speed), and there is still opportunity out there for people who can make really good beers.

Now Brewing: Tin Whiskers Brewing Co., Saint Paul

I mean that quite literally, they just started brewing last Friday.

Before then the trio of Jake Johnson, Jeff Moriarty and George Kellerman have been brewing in a state of flux, longing for the day when they wouldn’t have to call Jeff’s basement “home”.

(Note: Jake and George never actually said they lived in Jeff’s basement, but they never said they didn’t, so…)

Electrical engineers by trade and homebrewers by choice, they decided to quit fooling themselves and make a living doing what they truly enjoyed – making and sharing beer.  Their search for a home led them to the Rossmoor Commons in Saint Paul where they could A) take advantage of the same water chemistry they had used to develop their recipes and B) join an already-popular cast of commercial tenants in their building Robert Street, between 9th and 10th, including Sawatdee, Keys Cafe and Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza.

It was January, when they secured their spot and after a few months’ hard work they’re almost ready to open. The first beer out of the gate will be a Kölsch to be joined by others, including a sweet stout, an IPA and the most intriguing one to me – a honey-chamomile wheat.  I say that style is begging for a sleepytime-themed name, but that would probably angrily awaken the Celestial Seasonings bear, and we should all know better than to mess with a well-heeled bear that is fiercely protective of its copyrights.

The transformation into brewers has occurred, but it’s easy to see they haven’t lost their engineering roots entirely. Their brand images are laden with circuitry and even their name ‘Tin Whiskers’ refers to an anomaly on a circuit board resulting from a soldering failure that will in turn cause a short circuit…or two.

So the whole business is ready to come to life, even their robot logo, in a sense. The mural as you enter their taproom is complete and robot has now been given a face. It has no name but is not short on personality; everyone seems to find elements of robots they love within its features.

If you’d like to see the building, come by during the Saint Paul Art Crawl this Saturday the 26th from 2:00 to 5:00, The beers aren’t ready yet, but the guys will welcome you with a beer-themed art exhibit and give you a peek at their new space.

Stay tuned for an announcement of their official opening.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Co.125 E. 9th Street, Ste. 127., St. Paul, MN 55101







Summit Beer Hall New Hours Include Saturday

Summit Taproom

Summit recently announced in this blog post that it is expanding hours for the Summit Beer Hall & Taproom in 2014. (The Beer Hall had been open only on Friday 3-8pm.) Beginning this Friday and Saturday (Jan 3 & 4), the Beer Hall will be staying open a bit later on Fridays and will be open to the beer-loving public on Saturdays, 4-9pm on both Friday and Saturdays. This kick-off weekend features food truck Cajun 2 Geaux on Friday evening with an oak firkin of Winter Ale conditioned on star anise; Saturday evening you’ll find Tiki Tim’s food truck and a firkin of Oatmeal Stout with vanilla beans. Look for more events and specialty releases on Friday and Saturday thoughout 2014.

HammerHeart Brewing Co. Opens Friday

hammerheartFriday at 4pm, another new Minnesota brewery opens its doors. HammerHeart Brewing made their debut at All Pints North in Duluth a couple of weeks ago with some nice beers, among which was a smoked IPA. If you didn’t join us in Duluth, fear not…  Starting at 4pm, if you get your ass out to Lino Lakes, you can check out their beers. The lineup is said to include some beers that didn’t make their way to APN as well as a couple of collaboration beers brewed with former Haand Bryggeriet head brewer Andreas Riis. …and of course they’re appealing to the coffee lover in me with a coffee stout brewed with coffee from Flamenco Organic. No growlers just yet folks… patience.

Congrats HammerHeart! Best of luck!

HammerHeart Brewing Co.
7785 Lake Dr.
Lino Lakes, MN 55014

Direction Notes: For those of you coming to the brewery on 35W, the exit to take is #36, or Hwy 23, NOT the “Lake Dr.” exit you see if you are coming from the South. Once you exit, go North on Lake Dr/Hwy 23 a little less than a mile, and we are on the left, flag is flying high. If you reach “The Tavern”, formerly Millers, you have gone too far, turn around.